Magnetic Phone Stands

Magnetic Phone Stands
Apr 2023

The 'GaNinno R Stand' is a magnetic phone attachment that offers a number of convenient benefits to the user. Firstly, the stand attaches magnetically, meaning if the user wants to remove or replace it, they must simply secure the phone and pull the stand firmly such that it comes off of the phone. However, while it is easy to remove the stand from the phone, the stand is strong enough to hold the weight of ten phones reliably, as shown in the company's demonstration.
A second benefit is the kickstand mode. A ring pops out of the attachment that allows the phone to be propped up in landscape or portrait positions. For users who prefer to hold their phone, the stand also comes with a pop-out PopSocket-like mode, allowing for extra ergonomic grip while holding a phone with one hand.
Image Credit: GaNinno