Antibacterial Protection Toothpastes

Antibacterial Protection Toothpastes
Mar 2023

Colgate Total Plaque Pro-Release is a new toothpaste that gets to the root of what causes oral health issues by targeting and reducing harmful plaque bacteria in the mouth. This toothpaste with Smart Foam Technology and Stannous Fluoride delivers long-lasting antibacterial protection as a proactive solution to common oral health concerns like bad breath, cavities and gingivitis.
This toothpaste also aims to help people control of their oral health and feel more confident going into their next appointment at the dentist since so many people are worried about disappointing the dentist or encountering unexpected surprises during their visits.
Thanks to its unique formula, this product results in two times less gum-harming plaque than regular fluoride toothpaste with daily brushing.